“Rejuvenate EP(World Mental Health Day Charity Tracks)” on September 10, 2023

Night Airglow, the alternative rock project of Tokyo-based musician Daisuke Kozuki, is pleased to announce the digital release of “Rejuvenate EP(World Mental Health Day Charity Tracks)” on September 10, 2023″.

A portion of the proceeds from selling these songs will be donated to mental health support organizations in conjunction with World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2023. 

This 3-track EP is being released with Mental Health Day to support people with mental health issues. 
The EP was created for people who are experiencing painful and difficult situations in mental health that he has experienced. 

The first track, “Rejuvenate,” begins with Japanese instruments and a new-age melody that draws you into the world of the band’s music, which is a relaxing downtempo ambient rock.
The second track, “Two Butterflies,” is a special instrumental version of the trip-hop sound “Two Butterflies,” which was popular for its mysterious melody on the album “Dark Light.
The third track, “Your Oracle,” is an aggressive alternative track featuring roaring guitar sounds amidst various noisescapes.

Although vocals are included on this track, the content is more instrumental, and abstract tones and soundscapes are introduced in abundance, showing the avant-rock side of Night Airglow strongly.