1st Single “Ooze Out” on March 29, 2023

Date: March 29, 2023 / Time: 3:46 / Price: ¥130
Recorded & Mastered at Daw_n Studio
Vocal, Guitar, and Manipulating: Daisuke Kozuki
Released On Bandcamp
©︎2023 Daisuke Kozuki All Rights Reserved.

Dark and emotional ambient rock that wanders in the depths of the ocean.

Night Airglow released its first digital single “Ooze Out” on March 1. Night Airglow will release its first digital single, “Ooze Out,” on March 1. This ambient rock song features a transition from a down-tempo verse, created by lo-fi synthesizers and ethereal guitar lines, to a chorus that becomes an intense roaring guitar sound.
The single will be available for sale and listening on Bandcamp beginning March 29, 2023.


Night Airglowは、3月29日にファーストデジタルシングル「Ooze」をリリースする。ローファイなシンセサイザーと幽玄なギターラインが醸し出すダウンテンポなヴァースから、激しい轟音ギターサウンドとなるサビへのトランジションが特徴のアンビエントロック。